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Investigative Research Specialties, Inc. is one of a small number of Louisiana Licensed Private Investigation agencies authorized by the Louisiana State Police (LSP) to conduct Criminal History Checks on non-licensed healthcare workers and licensed ambulance personnel, mandated by LA:RS 40:1300.52.

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Need a process server? We also offer professional and efficient process service in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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About Us

The mission of Investigative Research Specialties, Inc. is to provide a superior product of information services through cutting edge technology and innovative investigative methods. Investigative Research Specialties Promises to report only the most accurate and reliable information available and to keep its clients' relations confidential.

Our investigators are highly trained and professional. We seek to find evidential proof in a cost effective and accurate manner. All of our staff keeps up with best practices and technology through webinars, seminars, and conferences. With no stone left unturned, we offer you peace of mind in taking the next step, whether it is initiating a lawsuit, moving forward with a business transaction, or simply finding closure.

We also offer instant nationwide criminal background checks, MVR's and skip-trace data and gather evidence for workers' compensation claims and much more!

Our Services

Our investigative services are wide-ranging, but they are all backed by the same attention to detail. Our full line-up of services includes:

Divorce/Infidelity/Cheating: Identifying the truth of whether your husband or wife is being unfaithful with clear photo or video evidence. In the case of divorce, we serve process as well.

Child Support/Child Custody: Providing surveillance to prove child mistreatment by a parent or other guardian and witness statements to be used as evidence in court.

Criminal Defense: Validation and verification by our investigators that everything possible has been searched and reported by the police before a criminal court case takes place.

Process Serving: Subpoenas, summons, complaints, writs, and any other legal documents served to any and all defendants in your case, nationwide.

Worker's Compensation/ Insurance Defense/ GPS Tracking: Providing evidence to prove or deny workers compensation fraud and insurance through surveillance and GPS tracking devices.

Undercover Operations: Private undercover agents to get the behind-the-scenes truth about employees, family members, business partners, and more.

Background Checks: Thorough investigations into criminal and civil backgrounds of your employee, nanny, or potential spouse. We can also run asset checks to identify hidden finances or debt. Services include nationwide background checks and criminal defense.

Skip Trace/Missing Persons: Creating a profile of someone who cannot be found and locating new whereabouts. This can be done for the purpose of serving process or to find a lost loved one.

Executive Protection: Are you at risk for a personal or financial attack due to your personal or professional status or knowledge? We offer bodyguard services and debugging for your protection.

Additional protection services include: security guard service, armed courier and conceal carry and bodyguard.

Local Attorney Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Our Lake Charles, Louisiana, private investigators and Lake Charles, Louisiana, process servers all offer FCRA compliant attorney services to the local area, but we serve clients who live and work throughout the United States.

At Investigative Research Specialities, our private detective agency offers services for divorce and infidelity including cheating partner investigations, vehicle tracking, and other private eye services. Our kinder private investigator specializes in parental abduction, intelligence gathering, and Lake Charles surveillance. You can ensure discretion and confidentiality in all of our detective services, especially with regard to family law cases.

Do you think someone you know or depend on is lying? We have a Louisiana lie detector, a polygraph, and a GPS tracker. Using these tools, we can help you find out the truth behind a person’s words and actions. Please let us know if you have any questions about legally acquired evidentiary proof.

Missing someone? Perhaps you need to have someone served with legal papers or have a child who has run away. Using our skip tracing, witness location, and missing persons investigation tactics, we excel in finding people. Don’t forget, as process servers, once found, we can serve legal papers to your defendant.

Our additional services include workers’ compensation investigations, opposition research, repossessions, and debugging.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Process Servers

We pride ourselves in the work our professional and reliable process servers conduct each day. Process service is necessary to ensure that due process is upheld and that court proceedings can continue in a timely fashion.

Our process servers know how stressful legal situations can be and understand the urgency of getting the intended party served on time and within the regulations of Louisiana’s process serving laws. We are well versed in these laws and our investigative techniques help us serve even the most evasive or hard to find individuals.

Whether you are a law firm, business, or private individual looking to serve an individual or party, our process servers are the number one choice throughout Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Private Investigators

Corporate Investigations for Attorneys

Our private investigation department out of Baton Rouge specializes in corporate investigations on behalf of attorneys who are collecting information and evidence for a case. Investigations may include witness interviews, examination of financial records, employee and management communication research, and even social media investigations. We work with attorneys to verify or disprove claims of fraud or wrongdoing and can even go undercover within workplaces if necessary.

Corporate investigations uncover situations such as theft, embezzlement, blackmail and other corruption, industrial espionage, fraud, cybersecurity threats, piracy, trademark/patent infringement, and more.

Corporate Investigations for Employment Agencies

Large and medium sized employment agencies or staffing agencies place up to thousands of employees into temporary and permanent positions in companies of various sizes and corporate policies. IRS works with these agencies to provide quick and thorough background checks and identity verification for multiple persons on a regular basis. Additionally, for employees covered by the staffing agency’s workers compensation policy and who are injured in their placements, we do workers comp investigations to uncover potential fraud. Call to discuss your situation and we will offer you a consultation to discuss what level of investigation we believe your company needs, so you can avoid overspending on an unnecessarily thorough research endeavor.

Criminal Defense Investigations

We work primarily with solo and small firm criminal defense attorneys to locate witnesses, collect witness statements, reinterview, collect communication and profile evidence, and review interview techniques. Our investigators gather all applicable information and, most importantly, curate and organize it into packages that are comprehensive, searchable, and easy for attorneys to understand quickly.

More Information

Executive Protection

Investigative Research serves our community by providing executive protective to defend individuals, groups, or events from threats or disturbances. Our guards are professional and able to assess threats before they occur.

Armed Courier

We go a step further to ensure that your materials are protected during retrieval and delivery by arming ourselves with protective tools. We protect your sensitive documents to ensure and/or objects so that you can rest assured they will be delivered when and where you need.

Security Guard Service

We make sure to keep you protected while still enforcing the law. We stay alert and find anything that may be out of the ordinary. It is our job to keep you, your property and assets away from any threat. You can rely on us to keep you safe.

Conceal Carry and Bodyguard

Our bodyguards are licensed to carry a concealed tool during the service to keep things protected.

Child Support and Custody Investigations

In cases of divorce or separation, child custody and financial support investigations can help make certain that the child involved will not only stay safe but will be financially provided for in the foreseeable future.

A parent or court may order a child custody investigator to determine what the child's life experiences are like regarding both parents and with close or extended family relatives. Investigations of parents or relatives can uncover prolonged neglect, child abuse, alcoholism, or drug abuse within the home and/or in sight of the child.

Investigative Research Specialties' (IRS Inc) licensed investigators may use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent or person(s) of concern are with the child. We specialize in providing discreet covert surveillances. In child custody cases our investigators document, photograph and/or video tape abuse, neglect or other evidences which indicates that the child is being mistreated and may be in imminent danger. Our investigators will determine whether a parent or parents indulge in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities which may affect a child's welfare.

Once the surveillance portion of the investigation is complete, IRS Inc Investigators will question the parents; we have them out the appropriate parental documents concerning their parenting style with the child.

Additionally, IRS Inc. Investigators will locate and petition witnesses for the court on behalf of our client.

Evidence and the findings uncovered and provided by IRS Inc Investigators to the attorney carries credibility in court, much more than a parent's accusation, therefore the hiring of an experienced and well qualified professional investigator is critical to your case.

For more information about process service contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-883-0672.

Faster Baton Rouge Process Service

Watch this short video that explains how we are able to provide faster service and status updates for our Baton Rouge and Lake Charles clients using cloud-based software.


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